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Medication is not a cure

 My original path in medicine was to be a psychiatrist. In my undergraduate psychology and pre-med studies, my research brought me to see that many mental health conditions have associated causes and risks. While psychoactive medication can be essential and stabilizing,.

I realized even then that medications did not always relieve all symptoms, and that for most people, symptoms return when medication is discontinued.  I found medication management dissatisfying and became more interested in treating causes and finding long-term solutions.

Studying mental health is what brought me to integrative medicine and naturopathy.  




Did you know that endocrine disorders, food and chemical sensitivities, viral illness, nutritional deficiencies, past trauma, and  genetic predisposition can cause or worsen each one of these things?

Anxiety & Compulsivity




Digestive problems

Chronic pain

High Blood Pressure

My job is to help uncover and address any underlying causes to your mental health symptoms and give you tools to help soothe the body through healing past trauma.

My job is to safely implement natural therapies, with or without a medication on board. 

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