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Physical and mental illnesses are so often tied to feelings, patterns, and experiences  that regular medicine doesn't account for like:

  • shame or guilt

  • grief

  • denial or avoidance

  • anger and resentment

  • insecurity and codependency

  • fear

  • uncertainty

Luckily, flower essences address exactly those sorts of things!  After thoroughly talking through an issue to see which precisely which 𝒸𝑜𝓁𝑜𝓇 of an emotion is currently most dominant in your illness, together you and Dr. Dickson will find the flower essence that is best suited to facilitate your growth. 

Additionally, a spirit medicine session may include EFT (tapping), breathing exercises, creative visualization, guided meditation, or reiki to help strengthen and guide the healing process. 

*Ideally, spirit medicine modalities are a complimentary addition to your regular primary healthcare. They are not a replacement for medical evaluation, medical treatment, or a substitute for a relationship with a licensed mental health  practitioner.  

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