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Food as Medicine

The idea that your food choices can be healing is centuries old and is said to have originated from Hippocrates, the "Father" of modern medicine when he said ' “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' alludes to this as well. I'm not sure how this has come up for debate recently, as it seems some would argue that food is just food and that there is no way to help your immune system with your food choices.

This is simply an uninformed opinion.

Let us not be confused- your food is not a substitute for actual medicine when you are sick or struggling with disease. However, if you read scientific literature with any regularity, you would see that the verdict is in- various nutrients and plant compounds in the food we eat have myriad beneficial and protective actions on our immune systems and inflammatory response pathways. Not to mention that many medications used in today's modern medicine were derived from plant compounds. OF COURSE your food choices can help your immune system (or your gut, or your hormones, your mental health, etc.)

Fullscript, one of the nation's largest suppliers of physician-grade natural supplements and practitioner support has put together a wonderful list of science-backed foods that are shown to support and boost the immune system. Which ones do you already have at home?

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