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Radical Health Resistance

Now, it is more clear than ever that you need to actively protect yourself and your health. The structures around us were not built with consideration for our livelihood. You need good habits, a strong support network, plentiful nutrition, mental clarity, and lots of exercise and rest to counteract the barrage of negative influences that have become standard in modernized western society. You need shields against the constant assaults jumping into your life like comic book villains, trying to challenge your strength and take you down with disease:

The excess sugar, chemicals, pesticides, preservatives in our food, some of which have evidence of being problematic but are still on the shelves- NOPE!

The chemicals and drugs in our environment- our personal products, our water supply (Flint still doesn't have clean water!), our soil, and air- POW!

An outdated labor standard that encourages a sedentary life of overwork, underpayment, and provides no parental/sick/disability leave or coverage- BLAM!

A dysfunctional "healthcare" system that many cannot afford or access, that undervalues prevention and pushes drugs, fails to care for people equally and perpetuates generations of inequities- ZING!

The obviously racist policing and justice systems that continue to dehumanize, criminalize, and kill black and brown people disproportionately while upholding white supremacy- BOOM!

You CANNOT move through the standard avenues as usual; it is the status quo that is killing us. It is time to find your own way.

Learn more about lifestyle changes, nutrition, and natural therapies that can do YOURSELF that can improve your condition and decrease your reliance on doctors' visits and medications.

Yes, I am a doctor, too, but my goal is to give you enough education about your body and your treatment options that you can grow to take over your own care and need me as little as possible.

Learn more about the environmental chemicals that you can reduce or avoid.

Use your community, mental health resources, and activism to help process and heal negative experiences and injustices.

You can build resilience to strengthen you. It will take work.

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