• Graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • 2 year clinical residency in Naturopathic primary care and pediatrics

  • Adjunct faculty for the Naturopathic Medicine and Continuing Education programs at Bastyr University

  • Education Chair on the General Council for Registered Naturopaths in the UK

  • Research and Naturopathic medicine consultant in western Europe and Australia.

I like getting to know my patients as people, not simply as a list of health concerns. I prefer to take the time to make sure my patients understand what their disease is, their test results, the reasons for each item in their treatment plan. I see it as my job to empower  people with information about their bodies as well as helping them identify the obstacles to their optimal health and functioning. I believe that through taking the time to educate, patients are more able to make informed decisions and become active participants in their health care.


My interest in medicine began when I was a child and flourished during my studies of mental health while getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. During my studies, I began to see how every individual has a different story and unique set of factors that influence the development of a disease. It was in the interest of identifying and treating the cause of disease that I later pursued a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.  It is through application of Naturopathic principles and the use of biochemically supportive treatments that my patients experience safe and lasting solutions. I seek to work with my patients and combine the strengths of traditional and alternative medicine to design custom treatment plans that meet their unique needs.


No two treatment plans are alike.


I am happily accepting new clients, ages 12 and up, for consultation. 

Please see the CASE ASSESSMENT page.


I see new patients in-person at my Seattle based practice CLARITY NATURAL MEDICINE.

Please use the contact form  to inquire about upcoming availability.

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