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I like getting to know my clients as people, not simply as a list of health concerns. I prefer taking the time to make sure they understand what their disease is, their test results, the reasons for each item in their treatment plan. I see it as my job to empower people with information about their bodies and help them identify their obstacles to optimal health so they may make informed choices and more actively participate in their care. 

My interest in medicine began when I was a child and later flourished while studying mental health and earning my Bachelor’s in Psychology at SUNY Purchase. During my research studies, I saw how every individual has a different story and unique factors that influence the development of a disease. It was in the interest of identifying and treating the cause of disease that I went on to earn my doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, followed by my 2 year clinical residency in primary care and pediatrics.  

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I hold in-person appointments in my Seattle based practice CLARITY NATURAL MEDICINE and counsel people and institutions worldwide via Skype and Zoom.  


My passion for education has been channeled through working with the Naturopathic Medicine and Continuing Education programs at Bastyr University and presenting  research at professional conferences.  Additionally, I am a continuing education consultant for the General Council for Registered Naturopaths in the UK.  With these institutions, I advocate for the comprehensive, compassionate, and inclusive education of patients and doctors through organizing conferences, writing courses and webinars, and assisting various efforts aimed at furthering the scope of integrative medicine. 

When I'm not working, I am usually cooking, baking, and practicing my home mixology skills. I love formulas and recipes and turning ingredients into experiences, from macrobiotics to martinis! I also have fun with voice acting, dancing Cuban salsa, and improving my proficiency in Spanish.